The Story

A former high school football star and one time college athlete, Jon has landed back in the place of his youth – Fairhaven – a small fishing village on the Massachusetts coast.  Now in his mid thirties, and with the promise of younger days seemingly washed ashore, Jon’s vague feelings of dissatisfaction are crystallized by a television interview with his football hero Tom Brady, who proclaims that, even after three super bowl wins, “There’s got to be something more than this.”

Jon recounts his epiphany to Sam, old friend and schoolmate who married early, fathered early, divorced early and never left town.  Sam made his own peace with small town life years ago, and is happy enough just to provide a stable home for his loving daughter, Cara, while secretly still pining for his beautiful ex-wife Kate.

Together, Jon and Sam anticipate the return of Dave, the third member of their once-indomitable trio.  Having left town seven years ago and never looked back, Dave is finally returning to Fairhaven on the occasion of his estranged father’s death.  As tonic to Jon’s soulful self-inquiry and Sam’s stoic loneliness, Dave is determined to inject some heavy-duty, Vegas-style fun into the funeral weekend.  But when old dreams and simmering resentments come to the beer & tequila-soaked surface of their reunion, not even Dave can fend off a healthy dose of reality.

The Place

Fairhaven/New Bedford, MA

Fairhaven Map

First settled in 1670, Fairhaven, along with its next-door neighbor, the famous whaling port of New Bedford, is one of New England’s oldest coastal communities.  Where a brisk industry of whaling and fishing ruled for hundreds of years, today’s Fairhaven is a place of far more modest expectations.  Once-proud fishing fleets have dwindled to a few creaking relics. The summer tourist hordes bypass the old port for the tony allure of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.  We find a town now subsisting on a slim economy of small-time lobstering, history-buff pilgrimages and summer cottage rentals.